Healing Our Planet: Nation to Nation, Spirit and Soul 2 Soul

Our 7 Harmonious Healing Steps

At the Herbal and Wellbeing Ceremonial Sanctuary, we work with a combination of ancient healing philosophies from 3 continents in the world: Asia, Africa & South America.

In Asia we draw on the knowledge of Ancient Tibetan medicine, which is known as "Gsowa Rigpa," (“knowledge of healing"). Gsowa Rigpa is based on the teachings of Buddha and on the earlier Indigenous traditions that existed in the Himalayas before Buddhism took hold in the region. We also draw on Ayurvedic, Japanese Shinto and Chinese Taoist healing principles. We call this our Asiana healing principles.

In Africa we work with age old healing principles of the Equatorial Rainforests in the Western regions of Ghana, Gabon and Burkina Faso; we call them the Africana healing principles.

In South America we work with extraordinary Plant Medicine-Teacher medicines from the Amazon Rainforest and we call this ancient knowledge the Amazonia healing principle.

The main goal behind our using the three healing principles of Asiana, Africana and Amazonia; is to enable us to heal the mind and spirit and the body and Soul in a way that aims to restore equilibrium, harmony and balance back to your life. All of our healing retreats include Detoxification of the 5 major Organs; Analytical Tibetan Meditations, Deep Empathic Shamanic Extractions and La Madre Ayahuasca and Le Sacre Bois Iboga Healing Ceremony.

We have summarised our combined healing philosophies from around the world under the following '7 Harmonious Principles':

i) Your Body is a Sacred Mythic Temple - Bad Action Creates Bad Energy which in turn creates sickness - Africana!

ii) The Dreaming Body can release traumas, tensions, bad energies and bad spirits - Amazonia & Africana!

iii) The Body is composed of the 5 elements - Asiana!

iv) The world is populated by an administration of Kami that give us life and therefore should be respected Amazonia, Asiana, Africana!

v) The Body becomes debilitated by the "three poisons" of Anger, Atachment and Ignorance - Asiana!

vi) Negative energies are stored in the body as a result of engaging in the 14 Non Virtues - Asiana, Amazonian and Africana!

vii) Our Senzo Ancestors, the movement of the Planets and Stars can all impact on our Wellbeing - Asiana, Africana and Amazonia!

If you have been drawn to our site, it is clearly for a reason. We believe these Ceremonies are worth the investment in your mind, body, spirit and Soul.