Individual Retreats

Massage & Energetic Clearing of Power Points

Ayahuasca Healing and Massage Healing

"Choose A Wonderful Life without Pain."

Incredible and amazing - This healing journey employs an ancient Indigenous shamanic technique of listening to the pain inside your body during your Ayahuasca Ceremony and massaging key power points to remove your pain.

Whether your pain manifests physically or mentally, our Shaman Queen Lhamo Healer is able to connect with the Goddess energy to survey your entire body during the Ceremony and press specific points on your body where your emotional pain and stress needs to be released. This kind of Massage Healing together with the La Madre Ayahuasca Ceremonia is an incredibly effective method of removing all kinds of stresses and emotional toxins that have been present in your body since childhood.

During the Ceremony the Shaman will be able to tell you how and why you are letting stress get into your body and she will also advise you on the aspects of your personality that you can take a long look at and change, in order to prevent stress from re-entering your body. Please check below to book a convenient Avatar Healing Journey where you can receive this healing.