Festival Retreats

Festival Group Retreat Dates 2017

Our forthcoming Festival retreats:

3 or 5 days of your the retreats will be dedicated to pre-cleansing and dieta work to prepare your mind and body to receive the sacred medicine and also to help you to enter into stronger communion with the Sacred Spirit of the Plant Medicines.

Ceremonial Healing Focus: Working with the Great Avatar Mother Earth
During this Festival Ceremony, Clients can work on healing their relationship with Mother Earth, their Ancestors and their Personal, National and Historical Traumas that took place on the Land.

Retreat location: TBC
Type of Retreat: Festival Ceremonial Retreat
Length of Retreat: 5 days
Number of ceremonies: 1 Iboga Ceremony
Festival retreat costs: £1400 $1750 €1610

Included in the cost of our Retreats: The pre-ceremonial telephone consultation with our Healer (up to 2 hours), pre-ceremony detoxification and purification processes, analytical meditation prescriptions, ceremonial healing with Iboga and our Avatar Healer, post ceremony counselling and herbal medicines (if needed).
Not included in the cost of our Retreats: Please kindly note that flights, visas, transportation to the retreat location and accommodation are excluded from the cost of the retreats and are the responsibility of the client to organise.

Please ensure that you read the following pages before booking your retreat:
What to Wear to the Ceremony
Ceremonial Offerings to bring to your Retreat

Ceremony Protocols

Pre-Ceremony Detox and Healing Diet Restrictions