Circle of Life Healing

Individual Retreat Dates & Costs

We will be holding most of our Individual Retreats, with Ayahuasca and Iboga in Gabon and Ghana starting in 2015. These retreats will last for 9 and 14 days. Africa is the Ancestral home of Iboga and we want to enable people to have the opportunity to pass through a more intensive initiation process on the Motherland. Iboga has taught us in many of our Ceremonies that Africa is the Mother of all the continents, so going through the initiation in Africa will allow people to become more connected with the sacred medicines and to engage in a stronger and deeper pre-cleansing period before taking the healing medicine. If you would like to participate in an Initiation in Gabon or Ghana please fill out the form below and we will contact you next year 8 weeks before we set the dates for the Initiations.

Please note that Karmaya Ayamama Rain Queen will consider applications for UK individual retreats from people who really cannot travel. Other than that, we are moving our individual retreats with Iboga and Ayahuasca so that we can work more freely in nature and help more people get in touch with their Ancestors during the initiation ceremony. It also enables us to incorporate the drumming and dancing aspects of the initiation, which is a very important part of the ceremony that we cannot do easily in the UK.

The first Season for holding our Individual Initiations in Ghana will at the start of March 2015 and will end in May 2015.  This means that you can book your retreat anytime from the start of March until May. Please note that for 9 Day retreats people should book a 12-14 Day plane ticket to Ghana and should arrive at Kotoka Airport in Accra - the capital city of Ghana. For 14 Day retreats please give yourself 17/19 or 21 days so that you can allow yourself to rest. When you arrive in Accra it is advisable to book at least one night in a hotel in Accra - for rest before travelling to the retreat venue the following morning.

Once clients have arrived they can either make their own way to the retreat venue or we can help them to organise a private car to take them to the retreat venue at an extra cost. Please ensure that you book this with us in advance through our admin assist email. If you would like travel assistance with preparing your journey please contact our travel agent: on +44 7964 707 332 and she will make all the bookings for you.

If you are travelling from a different time Zone please give yourself at least 2-3 days rest before you begin your retreat. This means you can rest at the retreat centre or at in a hotel in Accra.


Ceremony Costs & Accommodation

The costs for these retreats are as follows:

Retreat costs
9 Day Retreat in Ghana
£1,400 (waged)
£1,250 (unwaged)
14 Day Retreat in Ghana
£2,195 (waged)
£1,985 (unwaged)
Accommodation costs
Standard room
£25 per night
Chalet room
£35 per night
Sea front room
£40 per night