Individual Retreats

Five Organ Detox

Iboga or Ayahuasca 5 Organ Detox Healing & Initiation Retreat

This Retreat combines the best of a physical and spiritual detox together with the Iboga or Ayahuasca Initiation Ceremony.

The 9/14 Day, 5 Organ Detox and Cleansing Initiation and Healing will help to effectively restore power and balance back into your body. You will focus on cleaning your blood and the main organs in your body - which are the power stations of your life. We work with a special selection of roots and herbs from the Ghanaian forests to help you to detoxify and improve the functionality of your organs before you take the sacred healing medicine.

The 9 Day retreat includes one Iboga/Ayahuasca Healing Ceremony, herbal soups, fresh juices, smoothies and salads. The Detox Treatments also include: Sunrise Herbal/Hot/Cold Showers, Liver, Kidney, Colon, Bladder Cleansing with Detox Herbs; Stomach and Digestion Purification herbs; Coffee-Enemas. *Please note the both retreats can include an optional Liver Flush.*