Healing Our Planet: Nation to Nation, Spirit and Soul 2 Soul

Post 2012 Ayahuasca & Iboga Healing Ceremonies to help continue to Raise the Consciousness of Humanity

The Herbal & Wellbeing Ceremonial Sanctuary offer what we call, Specialist Individual or small group Ayahuasca and Iboga Healing. We call it 'Jewel Avatar Healing', because when someone receives this type of healing it is like they have been given a Jewel of Universal Love.

In the past we have held 'Detox Healing Retreats', for people who are in need of a total detox; because they feel stuck and because they want to experience inner change or a deeper connection with self.

Our Royal Shaman Healer conducts extraordinary powerful healing journeys that are truly unique and have been compared to checking yourself into a hospital and undergoing an emotional, energetic and spiritual surgical operation. Depending on the kind of healing journey that a client needs - when you come for healing to a sacred site on Mother Earth, the journey you choose will enable you to look at stubborn habits; emotional blockages, doubts and fears about life and any issues that you may have left unresolved in your life. The medicine helps you to take a look at these issues, and see them from a different perspective. You will also get to see more clearly how your problems and issues are affecting your life energetically.

During your Ceremonial treatment, the Healer will focus on helping you to deep cleanse and extract subtle and dark energies, that normally enter a human being's spirit when they are depressed; traumatised; suffering from addictions; suffering from different kinds of abuses or have engaged in a lot of non-virtuous unethical behaviours.

Your Ceremony will also address age old blockages and problems in your family, spouse/ partner relationships, negative repetitive thoughts like always thinking about the way your life is or is not going or always worrying about having or not having money. They will help rid your body of many physical impurities, your mind of many emotional problems and bad spirits. They also work to remove problems accumulated from previous incarnations. In the final analysis, it can honestly be said that after your Ceremony, you will learn to begin love and respect yourself a lot more.