Individual Retreats

Heal Your Relationships with Mother Earth and Le Bois Sacre Iboga or La Madre Ayahuasca.

Healing & Initiation for Clearing Relationships between Couples & Families

This healing is good for couples in long or short-term common law relationships, just married or long term married couples and parent and child relationship healing.

Indigenous Shamans teach us that relationships are sacred spaces, that take place on Mother Earth - and where families and partners, tribes and clans are supposed to live together to support each other to find their life's purpose. As preparation for your healing journey you will participate in fire cleansing ritual and ash circle ritual to help detox all angers, frustrations, lies, blockages and resentments that you are carrying in your relationships with other people. The rituals will help you to find the common goals that can guide your relationship back to a healthy and fresh space of living.

All relationships take place on 'Mother Earth' and so very often when our relationships go bad - it is because we are out of relationship with 'Mother Earth'. An integral part of this retreat will include - teaching clients the importance of communicating and make offerings to 'Mother Earth'.