Ayahuasca Client Testimonials


Ayahuasca Client Testimonials

Slocum. Iquitos Peru

“I have had over 200 Ayahuasca Ceremonies and my ceremony at the Herbal and Wellbeing Sanctuary was definitely one of the most healing. I will definitely like to sit with her again and drink. Her Spirits can see everything that is going on with you.”

Ferny. London

This client travelled to Peru for healing. During her trip she met up with a guy who passed on our details and so she decided to pay us a visit because she felt like she need more healing. After her ceremony she commented that she can now see what we mean that the Ceremony was far more healing based than what she had experienced in Peru.

“First and Foremost I want to thank the Shaman Queen Healer for the deep healing I have received. She was very attentive throughout the whole ceremony. Her medicine is very good. She has brought back the light to my life and I will forever be grateful to her.”

Padriac. Republic of Ireland

I would like to use the metaphor of a meal to describe my awakening and spiritual growth. For the last ten years I have attended numerous workshops and seminars and read many, many spiritual books... spending vast sums of money in the process with little success and personal growth to show for it. This period of my life was like a starter or sorbet getting my pallet ready for the main course. Then I was ready to meet the Master and the Shaman Queen Healer stepped into my life. Healing followed on a spiritual, emotional, mental and physical level. The change was rapid and constant and the plant medicine I took guided my progress and taught me who I really was and how to love and value my precious spiritual being residing temporarily in a physical body. I died to myself and discovered that giving was receiving.

Depression and anxiety was replaced by joy and peace of mind. The dessert was thrown in free, complements of the house and I was able to enjoy my freedom and knew with certainty that I had now discovered the truth of my being. True healing had taken place after a lifetime of struggle and strife and searching in the darkness. I had to survive many lean years on crumbs before being invited to the divine banquet. I am grateful to be given the courage to persist through the foggy mist into the light with the help of the Shaman Queen Healer and Grandmother Ayahuasca and the nature Spirits on my side.

Stuart R . Milton Keynes

Like to thank you for an amazing time, a very humbling experience. I feel amazing in my new life. You are an amazing guide. Thank You.

Alan J. Milton Keynes

The experience I had has been more than I could have imagined and so far has caused me to change certain areas of my life for the better. I highly recommend the Ayahuasca ceremony to those seeking to find out who and what we truly are and how the experiences we have had so far effect our futures. In many areas I feel a big weight has been removed from my shoulders having had a lot of the negative emotions stored inside removed. I find a yearning to listen to Ravi's song every day and look forward to participating in another ceremony in a few weeks.

Traceylynne. Bermuda

...People commented on my glow upon my return to my country and everyday life. I did actually return home feeling lighter as if a heavy burden had been lifted from me. It actually had. The work that the Shaman Queen Healer does is rare and valuable. I highly recommend this experience for anyone who possesses the intention and desire to confront their spiritual “baggage” from their current existence and their lineage and clear it.

The Shaman Queen Healer is an excellent facilitator for such a process and she provides you with a safe and nurturing environment in which to do it. Don’t forget that working in the spiritual realm is “upstream” to both our emotional and physical existence as we perceive it. That being said, the benefits of this work will inevitably trickle down resulting in mental/emotional and physical beneficial side effects!

Jodie. Norfolk

Is there nothing that she cannot see?

Jacqueline Lucien. Los Angeles

Trying not to be in my head, I know in my heart that the ceremony was one of the most important events in my life. The experience put to rest the question of other forces which were incomprehensible before, truly exist. I have a respect for nature of which I am a part that has to be honored. The ceremony began the knowing rather than understanding that nature has to be honored, my ancestors knew how to honor nature and I lost touch.

I also know the love dedication and sacrifice the Shaman Queen Healer experiences to bring the healing ceremony to us lost suffering children of the diaspora. Since experiencing the ceremony and seeing first hand glimpses of the forces effecting us, I have gained more compassion for my fellow troubled souls. And I want further knowing and dedication to the ceremonies and rituals to add to the healing. Going through the ceremonies is a first but important step. It is an important, worthwhile, and I would say necessary journey to our healing. I see the effects healing of ceremonies operating on my family, to which I felt handicapped to resolve. There are now glimpses of hope. My family is getting a great appreciation for the unseen forces effecting them, and I wait the day they will go through ceremony.