Ayahuasca & Iboga Ceremony & Journey Protocols

During your Ceremony you should kindly address all Healers by their correct titles. It is also appropriate to show respect and dignity to all staff members whilst visiting the Sanctuary.

- If it happens that during the Ceremony the Healing Medicine speaks with you through the Healer, please answer politely and honestly even if the questions make you feel uncomfortable.

- Our Healers like to joke with our clients and keep things light if they get too intense. This helps the client to open up their hearts more in order to receive the healing.

- As a Deity Healer the Shaman Queen will work with all of the clients to help people face what is in their Shadow, so that they can lead a more dignified and noble relationship with their Mind, Body, Spirit and Soul.

- During your stay at our Centre, or during your Journey, you must refrain from engaging in any kind of sexual intimacy, masturbation because these actions are a contraindication to the way in which the medicine works and the protocols of the Sanctuary.

Receiving Basic Guidance on the 16 Non-Virtues

Please listen carefully when you are receiving teachings about the 16 Non-Virtues before your Ayahuasca or Iboga ceremony, as one of the main focuses of your Ceremony is to try to cleanse these actions that cause us to attract black dust into our Spirits. Before your ceremony you will need to write down a complete list of all the non-virtues that you have engaged in, in your life - so as to help your mind prepare to release and receive maximum purification of your emotional and spiritual body during the Ceremony.


Meditative Composure During Ceremony

Please maintain a meditative composure during your detox and healing retreat Ceremony.

Our Ceremonies begin after 10pm in the evening. You should try to sit upright whilst the medicine is working to detox and heal inside your body. Our Healer will encourage you to work on purging throughout the duration of the five hour Ceremony. It is therefore very important to always sit up until you are told you can lie down. You can also request to lie down but for 20 minutes only.

If people are coming in a small group, it is preferred that they do not engage in mundane chatter and are always focused on the reason why they are there for cleansing and healing. This will help everyone to work effectively.

During your Ceremony a strong focus is placed on getting the client to purge at least once either by vomiting/ diarrhoea. If you have any problems please do not hesitate to speak about them in the correct manner and at the appropriate time during your retreat. Thank you.