Individual Retreats

Clearing Depression & Anxieties

Depression & Anxiety Clearing Healing Retreats

“Our Depression and Anxiety Clearing Healing will enable you to find the light within yourself to come out of your depression by discovering the root of your self discontentedness and then planting the seed in your heart and mind so that you can re-grow your own inner sense of happiness."

As a result of our past Ceremonies carried out at the Sanctuary we strongly reccommend a minimum of ‘2 La Madre Ayahuasca Ceremonies plus 1 Le Bois Sacred Iboga’ for treating anxiety and depression. If people cannot do this then the second alternative is 2 La Madre Ayahuasca Ceremonies or 2 Le Bois Sacre Iboga Ceremonies. Please note that you cannot take Le Bois Sacre and La Madre Ayahausca during the same Journey - you will have to work with one or the other medicine. But they will both help you by healing you from the emotional suffering you are feeling inside that is ultimately being caused by different forms of self-degrading thoughts as well as possible chemical imbalances in your mind and body.

We believe that this retreat is an investment in you. If you know you have been suffering with your condition for a long time, it is hardly worth thinking that one can get rid of it in a few days. As such, these retreats aim to improve the quality of your life by providing you with an authentic Shamanic healing space where you can transform negative and destructive thought patterns, including wrong views and wishing harm on yourself and others.