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About Our Super Detox & Healing Iboga Journey

About Le Bois Sacre Iboga

The human body is like a flower and it is originally natural and organic, but because of past events and all of the chemicals we ingest, for various reasons, our bodies are crowded with chemicals and emotional repressions and depression.  Le Bois Sacre Iboga can help us to return our bodies back to their natural state. Technically, Iboga can heal anything because it cleans out any unnatural elements in our blood, and it also brings our body back into balance. Iboga is also used successfully for people looking to detox their emotional and psychological traumas, their body and the spirit for greater health. Under the proper shamanic guidance, Iboga will detox your body more quickly and effectively than other detox regimes. It is sometimes known as I-begin-again!

Can Iboga detoxes reset the body back to zero?  It is one of the most powerful detox medicines on the Planet. It provides an all-natural full-body cellular detoxification and overall cleansing which also more importantly aids in healing the mind, body and spirit by causing you to go on a mental journey that allows you to have intellectual introspection into the psychological, emotional and spiritual concerns that you have in your life.

When life started, there was no disease. In its natural state, in a natural environment, the body, the mind and the spirit would be healthy because the body has a natural defence system that can respond to sickness by healing itself. Anything that causes imbalance is human created. No disease is natural. We humans create our diseases by straying away from the laws of Nature and practicing non-virtues. When you are initiated you discover this universal truth.