Healing Our Planet: Nation to Nation, Spirit and Soul 2 Soul

The Buddhist Healing Ethics & Protocols Behind
Our Work

At the Herbal and Wellbeing Ceremonial Sanctuary, we work with the Plant Medicines as enlightened beings. Both La Madre Ayahuasca and Le Bois Sacre Iboga are ascended Plant Medicines - and this means that they are just like the great Buddahs because they can help us humans walk the path towards our enlightenment and our ascension. Both Plant Medicines have Angelic qualities that are guided by the following Universal Buddhist ethics and protocols:

1. To always work in observance of 'THE FOUR NOBLE TRUTHS'. This means that we believe that:

i) All of us at some time or another have illness or suffering in our life
ii) That there is a root cause of our illness and suffering
iii) That we need to follow a suitable remedial path in order to establish a way to end our illness and suffering
iv) And that eventually there is Cessation of all illness and suffering

2. We also follow the protocols of the '8 FOLD NOBLE PATH' when working with all of our clients. The Eightfold Noble Path describes the way to the end of illness or suffering, as it was laid out by Siddhartha Gautama. The following is a practical guideline to the ethical and mental development goal that we use to help individuals detox, let go and heal.

i) We seek to work with the 'Right View' of our client's condition
ii) We seek to work with the 'Right Intention' towards our clients
iii) We seek to work with 'Right Concentration' when treating clients
iv) We seek to work with 'Right Speech' when conversing with our clients
v) We seek to have 'Right Action' in our handling of all of our clients
vi) We advocate 'Right Livelihood' so that clients maintain a holistic lifestyle after they leave the Sanctuary
vii) We seek to input 'Right Effort' so that we deliver our very best when treating all of our clients
viii) We seek to have 'Right Mindfulness' so that we are aware of our client's needs

3. Finally, we also work in observation of 'THE 14 NON-VIRTUES'

The 14 non virtues in Buddhism refer to a list of unethical behaviours that we often engage in throughout our lives and that cause energetic, emotional, psychological and spiritual pollution to enter our bodies. These pollutions play an enormous part in making us feel unwell or sick, and from time to time we need to detox them from our bodies.

Our resident Shaman Queen healer, has been described by Healers from Bali as a Karma Shakti and a 'Chosen One' who was born with a light of a Buddhist Deity that allows her to see the negative energies inside a person's aura that have been caused by these 14 non-virtues. During your Ceremony, the Healer will share with the client, the non-virtues that they need to pay attention to trying to stop in their lives. You will also be prescribed a few 'Analytical Meditations' to help you let go of acting out these non-virtues in your life.

The following details the 14 different Non-Virtues that our Healer is able to detect during your Ceremony that cause energetic, emotional and spiritual pollutions to enter the body. To simplify things a little, we have divided the non-virtues into 3 different categories.


There are 4 kinds of energy and spirit pollutions that enter us through our Mouth when we engage in:

i) Lying
ii) Idle Gossiping
iii) Speaking harsh words
iv) Slander others


There are six kinds of energy and spirit pollutions that our Healer is able to detect when working with 'La Madre Ayahuasca', that cause energetic and spirit pollutants to enter our bodies:

i) Engaging in sexual misconduct
ii) Stealing
iii) Killing
iv) Drug Abuse
v) Marijuana and other smoking abuses
vi) Alcohol Abuse


There are 4 kinds of energy and spirit pollutions that enter us through our Mind:

i) Wishing Harm on others
ii) Covetousness or wanting that which someone else has
iii) Having envy or jealousy toward others
iv) Having wrong views and imposing them on others

During Ceremonies, many people may come with one or more of the above pollutions and the energetic stains that these non-virtues leave behind in one's mind, body and spirit. These are what we focus on extracting during your detox and healing retreat. This helps to purify all of your energy meridians, together with your mind, body and spirit. Clients must also strive and make efforts to cease engaging in the non-virtues when they return back into their everyday life.

'La Madre Ayahuasca is a major teacher on the road to finding ones purpose and becoming a better person from the inside out. We believe this is one of the best kinds of detoxes and healing that a person can receive to help them on the path of finding and fulfilling their destiny. Hopefully people out there believe that they were born for a reason and that contrary to the 9-5 schedule of work we were all actually born with a special destiny to engage in work that will help us find and attain enlightenment. La Madre Ayahuasca and Le Bois Sacre Iboga are truly divine 'Dharma Medicine Teachers'. We work with both medicines at the Deity (Goddess) Level of their being and so during your Ceremony you will receive many messages and information about your life. This is what we call talking medicine or Dharma. Please come to your retreat ready and willing to listen and learn from the sacred dharma teachings that these medicines will impart to you - this Dharma medicine is an extremely important part of the healing process and if you take it seriously and are prepared to study it after you leave your retreat, it will help you guide your life to a better place.