Individual Retreats

Heal the Wounds of Sexual Abuse

Healing & Clearing Behavioural Problems Caused by (Child) Sexual Abuse Retreat

La Madre Ayahuasca is very good medicine for clearing away the traumas that have been caused in a person’s life as a result of long term or short term sexual abuse.

Our specialist Shaman Healer has passed through 14 years of initiations to be able to help people who have been through different kinds of sexual trauma and abuse. The problem with passing through trauma is that it shuts down parts of the brain that only Shamanic healing medicines like La Madre Ayahuasca and Le Bois Sacre Iboga can wake up.

We are especially interested in helping and working with people who have been through sexual abuse at the hands of catholic and other religious institutions. In our work we categorise different kinds of sexual abuses. We then detox, heal and counsel our clients, as well as guide them in analytical meditations that enable them to examine their personality and behaviour.

Analytical Meditations also help to free a client from their behavioural problems that they have picked up as a result of the abuse. These can be behaviours such as harbouring feelings of vengefulness, not wanting others around them to be happy, envy and jealousy and extreme low self-esteem, exhibiting different kinds of attention seeking behaviour, seeking to sabotage the work of others and deliberately befriending people and then seeking to cause them pain in their lives. These are just some behaviours that victims of abuse manifest in their lives. People who are victims of sexual abuse do not realise that they carry around aspects of the personality of their abusers in their own personality. Some victims have been carrying around these personality traits for so long that they have absolutely no idea who they are in and of themselves.

This detox and healing retreat focuses on understanding, detoxing and healing the following kinds of Sexual abuse:

1. Identify and detoxing negative behaviour patterns in the client's life that have been caused by abuse

2. Discovering more information about the abuse if the full details are not remembered by the patient

3. Understanding and identifying patterns of behaviour in a person's personality that are related to their sexual abuse

4. Understand the nature of sexual abuse when it is carried out by a person who is not related to you but is a person of authority or is a person who is well respected by the community. Please note that this is the most difficult kind of sexual abuse to heal, because the abuser is a well-respected member of their society and so there are many blockages and walls that the victim has to overcome.

5. Understanding sexual abuse when it has been performed by a boyfriend of a single mother

6. Understanding sexual abuse when it is performed by a woman or a young boy

7. Understanding sexual abuse when it is performed as an act of incest i.e. by your father, mother or brother

8. Understanding other forms of subtle forms of sexual abuse

9. Understanding subliminal sexual abuse caused by disney movies, porn, television programs or movie watching

10. Detoxing and healing sexual abuse when it is inflicted on a victim by a person or persons belonging to some kind of cult

11. Detoxing and healing sexual abuse caused by rape

12. Detoxing and healing sexual abuse symptoms that are caused in consenting relationships – when a partner goes too far

13. Detoxing and healing inherited sexual abuse traits that have be inherited from an abused parent.