Festival Retreats

Healing Protocols for our Group Retreats

1. The Herbal Sanctuary has focused on offering individual ceremonies for one-two peoples for the last seven years. Because of huge amount of Healing work that Karmaya Rain Queen is doing in Nature - it is no longer possible for her to offer small retreats in this way. As such all UK retreats will be group retreats and will focus on helping people to heal their relationship with each other; with Nature; with the Moon and the Annual calendar of sacred festivals that our Shamanic Ancestors followed in the UK. Because clients have the tendency to share and talk with each other - instead of going inside whilst they are preparing for their ceremony - this causes people to cling to each other psychically during the medicine Ceremony and as such we have decided to make all of our small group retreats 'Silent Retreats'. This means that clients will not be able to communicate with each other during the retreat - unless instructed by the Healer. This will safeguard you and protect you from picking up any negative energies from other clients during the retreat. Whilst we are aware that people like to be on their own during their ceremony - the onus is now on the client to ensure that they are prepared to have the discipline and the stamina to enter into the sacred retreat space without having to talk. When clients talk with each other they not only lose the purpose and the meaning of why they came in the first place, some people end up energetically clinging onto each other to satisfy a completely unnecessary sense of security. The Sanctuary is a very safe place to receive your healing. Before booking yourself onto a group retreat please make sure that you are ready to go on your own healing journey during the entire retreat.

2. As part of the preparation clients are required to come to the Sanctuary in the morning and will be given instructions on the various Shamanic rules and etiquettes that they will need to follow when working.

3. Clients should come with as many of the offerings as they can - in order for their healing to be successful we cannot stress how important this is. If you need help getting your offerings please contact admin assist and let us know after you have paid your deposit.

4. Clients must follow the recommended diets and the abstinence of sexual intimacy 2 weeks before their retreat. If you do not follow these requirements - you will forfeit your deposit.