Circle of Life Healing

How to Prepare for Your Journey to Ghana

Once clients have arrived they can either make their own way to the retreat venue or we can help them to organise a private car to take them to the retreat venue at an extra cost. Please ensure that you book this with us in advance through our email:

If you would like travel assistance with preparing your journey please contact our travel agent on +44 7964 707 332 and she will make all the bookings for you. If you are travelling from a different time zone please give yourself at least 2-3 days rest before you begin your retreat. This means you can rest at the retreat centre or in a hotel in Accra. For details of retreat and accommodation costs, please click here.

Please remember to book your visa at least three weeks prior to your date of travel. Ghanaian visas can be obtained from the Ghana High Commission in the country where you reside. Please refer to their website for more details.

Malaria Medicine
Please note we recommend that you use anti-malaria herbs to prevent against malaria rather than the chemical prophylaxis. For details of a natural anti-malaria herbal aid kit, please email us.

Clients should inform us before they travel of the different medications that they are taking.

You can choose to get your ceremonial offerings when you arrive in Ghana or bring them with you from your country of origin, depending on the baggage weight allowance of your flight. If you decide to purchase the offerings in Ghana please give yourself enough time to do this in Accra before you arrive at the retreat venue as it will be impossible to purchase the items at the venue.