Circle of Life Healing

Healing Retreats and Initiation in the Rainforests of Ghana

In March 2015 we are now going to start offering clients the opportunity to pass through a more indigenous initiation ceremony with Le Bois Sacre Iboga in the Rainforests of Africa in Ghana. Clients can also choose to pass through the Initiation process with La Madre Ayahuasca.

Although modernisation has changed much of Africa, the Motherland of all humanity - is still the cradle of civilisation and the spiritual centre of Humanity. Ghana - has many powerful sacred groves and healing waters flowing through her body - where our honorobale ancestors passed through countless initiations to become Super Spiritual Women and Super Spiritual Men. Africa is also the homeland of Le Bois Sacre Iboga and Iboga is the King of all the Sacred Plant Medicines. There is almost certainly a connection between Iboga and La Madre Ayahuasca as the continent of South America was once connected to Africa at the equator.

Le Bois Sacre Iboga - Africa's most Sacred Initiation Medicine

Iboga is one of the most sacred Initiation medicines in Africa, because of its ability to take a person back to the very beginning, to a time before they started to have problems with drama, or blocks, or whatever it is. Iboga helps you to 'Wipe Away' old emotional pain and clutter from your past, clear the chatter and calm your mind by making you have to face yourself in the mirror. Iboga will also bring all of your past memories back to life so that a person can see the truth about the blocks and the drama they have lived out in their life. Until you are prepared to stop and face and recognise that truth of what you have been doing to yourseld, you can never be free no matter what you try to do to cover the truth up in your everyday life. Le Bois Sacre Iboga will help you to stop, look back and face all the drama and accept it. And it is at that moment, that you will gain the will power to totally detach yourself from the drama.

That is the job of the spirit of Iboga. The spirit of Iboga goes everywhere in the body, into the brain, everywhere, shows you the truth and puts you in the spot where you have to make a choice. At the same time the Iboga helps the person to easily make correct decisions based on the truth and not on how they feel. Because everything we feel is not necessarily the truth. Everything we do in life is about choice. Iboga is not a magic bullet: "I will take Iboga today and tomorrow everything will be gone." No. Otherwise it would be so easy. We are still human, we still have to do the work on ourselves - and eveyday more choices and challenges will present themselves to you. he purpose of initiating with Iboga is to allow you to 'Begin Again'. To Re-Program. Iboga also puts you at the spot where it shows you everything about the road you have been on, and then it shows you a new road - the road on an 'Iinitated One', where everything is so clear for you. What you need to do is to choose to stay on this new road, but you will not be able to stay on the new road if you do not learn, respect and take seriously all of the initiation Protocols that you will have to learn how to introduce into your life when you return back home.

Please note: After a person has passed through initiation they are always required to walk with the comportment of an Initiate. The protocols and the do's and dont's that you have learned and the various changes that Le Bois Sacre Iboga has asked you to carry out - should be implemented into your life. You are always expected to show respect and dignity to those who initated you - as a spiritual Mother or Father. The term Initation Mother or Father - is used to refer to the people who have passed you through your initiation.

The Spirital Healing Power of Iboga

Psychologically and Spiritually, Iboga can help heal, Anxieties, Depression, Bipolar Disorder, Emotional Trauma, Childhood Abuse, Post -Traumatic Stress Disorder, Insomnia, Overactive thinking, Relationship problems and those who feel they have 2012 Spiritual Blockage. This sacred medicine works on your mind to set you free from the blocks that are holding you back on a psychological and spiritual level. Too many of us are attached, for one reason or another, to negative people, experiences, places, things, memories or thoughts that affect our decision making and our ability to progress and evolve. Only an authentic Shamanic Healer can guide you through your Ceremony to help you revisit your past, your present and then to reshape your future. You get to see, hear and feel the truth for yourself. Our human blind spots also serve as distractions and we all live with different levels of denial or the ability to lie to ourselves about how we feel inside. We have forgotten that we are spiritual beings living in a vast universe in a small physical body. In this modern world that we live in today so many people have been denied the reality about their spirit, and have tried to construct a perfect life - according to their physical being. If you are fortunate enough access the spiritual world reality with the help of an authentic Shaman and these sacred plant medicines, Iboga and Ayahuasca can help you rediscover the truth. You will find deep meaningful answers about life and about the universe. You will also find out information that you would not have otherwise had any other way of knowing. Many people meet with their Ancestors and get advice from spirits who know you well and have valuable information to share.

The Physical Healing Power of Iboga

Physically, Iboga is extremely helpful for people struggling with the following health issues, such as Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS), Asthma, IBS, Autoimmune Conditions, Herpes, Human Papilloma Virus, Chronic Infections, Chemical Toxicity, Heavy Metal Toxicity, Allergies, Arthritis, Physical Stress, Eczema, Blood Clots, Parkinson's Disease, Multiple Sclerosis, Lupus, Infertility...

In Africa clients will have an opportunity to focus on healing physical illnesses in their body whilst they are in Africa, after their ceremony. As is in the case of Peru, clients will need to stay at the retreat centre longer to take the herbal medicines needed to heal them physically.