Iboga Client Testimonials


Iboga Client Testimonials


It has been said that others are in awe of my apparent fearlessness. For it seems that no obstacle quickens my heartbeat. Whether it been an Army of men or a herd of charging Wildebeest. I let them know very quickly that I too, suffer fear as much as any other. I just try not to let 'fear' limit my actions.

In terms of all things Spiritual and Off-Worldly, I have always had a keen interest. Constantly asking myself questions and searching for the answers. Leading to more areas of the unknown and ultimately more questions. I realised that as your 'mind's eye' opened, you discovered more positive knowledge and alas more negative realities. Fortunately, when the Universe senses your desire to 'learn' it guides you according to your purpose.

My most recent doorway led me to the 'Herbal & Wellbeing Ceremonial Sanctuary, (for which I will be forever grateful to the Creator for.) I had heard prior about 'Ayahuasca' and its amazing healing and cleansing magic. My Spirit had gotten heavy after too many years of gorging on the darkness of the 'Matrix'. So, although I was petrified of what I might 'see', I was going to do the 'Ayahuasca' ritual. (I was unaware that the 'Spirits' had other ideas.) I had never done anything like this before. I had put the whole thing off for as long as I could. But, I was now hanging on by my fingernails. I needed help!

The Spirits that had brought me to the Herbal and Wellbeing Sanctuary decided, that I was to take the spiritual medicine 'Iboga'. The 'Shaman Queen Healer' at the Sanctuary, kindly let me know that 'Iboga', was another magical and powerful detox healing medicine from the rainforests of West Africa, and that it was just as strong as 'Ayahuasca,' with the effects lasting much longer. As with most things that are good for you, 'Iboga' tasted unpleasant.

The medicine went to work almost immediately, cleansing and detoxing my Spirit and Aura. In a physical sense, it felt like my colon was being scrubbed furiously with a brillo pad. I was in pain, my head felt dizzy and all balance left me. As I lay down and closed my eyes, the Spirits welcomed me into their worlds. The visions that I witnessed made HD television look like shades of grey. My earth-bound intellect had no place there, it was shut down and replaced. (Days afterwards I couldn't do simple mathematical sums in my head.) My Chakras 'flowered' and all my different layers were revealed to me. I could have meditated amongst a crowd of 30'000 football hooligans; I was so at peace, at times. It was like the Spirits were speaking with me, but visually rather than orally. The whole experience felt very African and natural, as if 'Mother Earth' herself was smiling on me. I glided through dimensions in what seemed like seconds. But in hue-man earthly time, it had been literally for many, many hours. I felt very small in the whole scheme of things. And now partly realise, just how powerful and all-consuming the 'Creator-Energy' is. The media try to show you magic as being puffs of smoke, bright shimmery lights and shiny surfaces. It doesn't even come close. I want more 'Iboga', if the Creator wishes it so.

My heartfelt thanks to the 'Shaman Queen Healer, for the pain she suffered on my behalf, her 'Great, Great Grandmother' for her wisdom, insight and wit.