Circle of Life Healing

Why Our Enlightened Ancestors Created Initiation Rites

Basically, deciding to get initiated means that you are ready to start fighting for your Mental, Spiritual & Emotional Freedom. For the Dagaabah peoples where Karmaya Rain Queen comes from - when a person is not initiated our Elders say that that person will always be a child. The reason for this is because; passing through initiation is the only way a human being can begin to know and learn who they are and why they have decided to be born and to come to Earth. In other words to discover your true purpose in life it is just not possible without initiation. Getting educational qualifications and a job is not the same as finding your 'Purpose'. As such a person can be middle aged, young or old and feel like their life has been for nothing and this is the basis of the mental and emotional sickness that we call depression.  Depression is your spirit's way of telling you that - hey you what you are doing with your life right now is just not fulfilling your true purpose.

On a brighter note - the depression is also letting you know that you are still human and that there is hope, because if you are not living your 'Purpose' and you can easily and freely walk around pretending that you are happy doing things that are so purposeless, then your humanity has surely left you a long time ago.

Making the decision that you want to be initiated - is the most important thing that you can ever do in your life. However, it is not worth your going through the struggle of getting initiated just for the hell of it - or to keep up with the Jones'. Choosing to get Initiated means; you are choosing to no longer be lost to yourself and the meaning of life; it also means you are choosing to be found; and that your are choosing to begin to learn he Ancestors and Elders of all ancient indigenous tribes created powerful initiation rites that enabled members of their tribes to reach the ultimate and Paramount goal in life 'Freedom of the Soul'. Whether we call it the search for 'Enlightenment' as the Buddhists do; or the 'Coming forth by Day' as the ancient Egyptians did; or even the 'Attainment of Moksha' as the Hindus do - if we do not pass through the initiation to have the power to make contact with our enlightened Ancestors - we will never be able to walk down the road that our enlightened Ancestors passed along in order to attain their Enlightenment.

The Initiation Way of a Dagaabah Rain Queen Mother

Our Initiation ceremonies in Africa are an important part of helping people who have been living and working in the modern world and have lost contact with the ancient world of their Ancestors in order to reallign their consciosuness into the NEW AGE of the Divine Mother-Father that is awakening in our Planet. The 9-5 life way and the programming that we have all received over generations from education, tv, movies and so on - has caused all of us to wander far far away from our Ancestral paths to enlightenment. As such Rain Queen Mother's initiations are aimed at helping people to de-programme and realign themselves mentally, spiritually and phsyically. That we have begun entering into a New Age is without a doubt. That the current world leaders don't want to give up their power to control our minds, bodies and spirits is also without a doubt. That we are all going to have to fight for our freedom from these horrible, dark satanic forces that want to continue to enslave us all in their way of seeing the world is also without a doubt.

Karmaya Ayamama Rain Queen invites you - respectfully - to bring all of your life's drama and emotions to bear during these sacred initiations in Africa - so that you can begin to understand that all humans are really 'Spirits' - living inside a physical body. Our spiritual development is an integral part of our human development - Spiritual healing and practices are only helpful and real - when they can make us begin to understand what is going to happen to us when we die. Without spiritual healing and practice humans cannot live or die peacefully; and we become alienated from our own humanity. Living a life that is alienated from humanity is sadly the state of consciousness that so many are living with in this Kali Yuga. The sad thing is that many people do not even realise that they are not living a human life - because the Kali Yuga is all about having to overcome profound ignorance and great illusion in order to transcend the darkness of the Age. Few are able to do this because it is so bloody hard and expensive. These initiations will focus on helping clients look at the importance of re-pointing their consciousness back down to Earth and out of the immense darkness that is the Kali Yuga - through the focusing on the following seven aspects of Universal Human Spiritual Development:

1: Deprogramming and reprogramming the sacred codes back into your life

2: Understanding the Four Noble Truths and the suffering and pain that all 'Lost/Travelling Souls' have to endure in your life because of attachment, ignorance and fear

3: Healing your Relationship with your Ancestors

4: Healing your relationship with Mother Earth and the Planet

5: Healing your relationship with Indigenous Humanity

6: Healing your relationship with your people

7: Healing your relationship with yourself and learning the Initiates Protocols and Codes of Conduct