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Rebirth & Energy Renewal

Rebirthing & Energy Renewal Retreat

"Feel Reborn, by letting Iboga or Ayahuasca help you throw away your emotional Junk!"

Being born - means that you have been given life by your 'Creator Mother and Father' to come down to Earth. For many of us this was an unceremonious occasion, and so our births were only marked with a paper birth certificate and maybe a baptism ritual/christening in a stone cold church.  Our modern societies no longer practice the sacred naming ceremonies or the welcoming of the new Soul into the world by investigating why it is we have chosen to come to Earth at this time. This is normally done when the parents take the child to see the elders, diviners or the Shrine Priests.

During this retreat, clients will participate in a series of 'kontomble divinations', before and after their Plant Medicine Ceremony, to learn about the importance of using indigenous divination and ritual as an investigation method that can help you to learn really key things about the spiritual nature of the physical events that happened to you during your birth and your childhood. The Rebirthing Healing Initiation Journey with Iboga or Ayahausca is all about reawakening your inner child, by removing a lot of the emotional and psychological junk from your childhood. During your Ceremony the Shaman Queen Healer will also perform a series of deep Empathic extractions on your emotional, spiritual and psychological body to help you to clear this baggage away - so that you don't have to carry it around with you anymore.

The theme of our 'Rebirthing Work' - is Spiritual, Emotional and Mind Detoxification. Having this rebirthing Ceremony with Iboga or Ayahuasca is like allowing your body, which is the home of your mind, your spirit and your emotions to have a new refurbishment, similar to how we give our physical homes a refurbishment. We pick up a lot of emotional junk as we live our lives on Planet Earth and this causes blockages. Because the modern world does not allow people to participate in sacred cleansing and purification rites - we all tend to carry the junk of our childhood around with us into our adulthood. Not only does this cause us serious blockage in all of our future relationships - but it also stops us from moving on with our inner lives. The effects of child abuse, sexual abuse, school bullying, educational programing and so on... - all have a deep impact on us spiritually - because they cause stresses or cracks in our nervous system which in turn cause us anxieties and depression.

This retreat is for people who want to be able to feel the Chi of life run inside of their body anew and are ready to take a deep look into their childhood in order to properly receive the Shamanic healing for all of their emotional wounds. We sincerely invite you to receive this deep and powerful ceremonial healing experience.