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The Herbal and Wellbeing Sanctuary work with the Sacred Medicines of Le Bois Sacre Iboga and La Madre Ayahuasca you may not use the content in this site to affiliate or associate our authentic Indigenous Shamanic Healing Ceremonies with the term ‘drugs’, or with illegal or wrongful use (that is, use of the medicine in a non-shamanic way, use of the medicine by non-indigenous Shamanic Practitioners and use of the Medicines by Individuals in a recreational way).

Further, please refer to International Conventions relating to the rights of Indigenous People, the protection of and right to practice their Indigenous traditions and in the exercise of those rights, to be free from discrimination of any kind.

The Herbal and Wellbeing Sanctuary will not condone or permit any use of the contents of this site in relation to Drugs and the illegal medicine of DMT. Ayahuasca as a ‘drug’ is contradictory to how we advertise it as a holy sacred medicine only to be administered by fully qualified Traditional Medicine Doctors and Shamans with the relevant qualifications. We only work with the Medicine in its original Shamanic and Indigenous context of which it was intended to be used and will not tolerate any references or allegories and allusions made by a third party to our use of Ayahuasca or Iboga as ‘drugs’ in any public form or by the media. Any use of the work of the Herbal and Wellbeing Sanctuary will be pursued in court as it contravenes the rights of Indigenous peoples which are enshrined by Human Rights Laws.

The Herbal and Wellbeing Sanctuary only work and offer these Healing Medicines with authentic and fully trained Indigenous Shamanic Healers who have been recognised as such in their own traditions and have legitimate and verifiable Shamanic qualifications to practice and offer services to the public under the various Human Rights Laws and International Conventions.

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